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About Career GRIT

What is it?

Career GRIT is an easy yet structured job search guide that can support jobseekers in navigating career resources based on their profile to achieve long term career success.

Jobseekers can choose from 4 types of career resources:

Career GRIT also covers 4 job strategies that are important for jobseekers' job search and career development.

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Who is it for?

Career GRIT is designed for jobseekers of different profiles, namely:

Career GRIT is also designed for jobseekers in 4 job search stages. Jobseekers will be prompted to select the job search stage that best describes their situation, under the "Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians" profile. The 4 job search stages for PMETs are:

All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents will be able to sign up for the career resources in Career GRIT.